Kyla Arsadjaja, graphic designer, CV
Kyla Arsadjaja
Graphic Designer


Balancing Birds
Paprika!: Anarchitecture
Paprika!: The Value of Design
Paprika!: Basin and Range
Selectric Artisan Pro Pitch (Typeface)
RDBNPNG: Redemption
Movement: Disturbing the Natural Order
Out of Chance and Order
Phase Transition: Aki Sasamoto
Everything in the past has life (Poster)
Yale School of Art In The World
News from New Haven
Symposium: Dance Studies at Yale (Poster)
YDT's D-Man in the Waters (Poster)
Dancing with Merce Cunningham (Poster)
Conversation between Physics and Dance (Poster)
Cambre (Typeface)
Arjuna Wiwaha (Poster)
Paprika!: Design Education
Studio Dansant
RDBNPNG: Souvenir
Aurora Grotesk Mager (Typeface)
Week at Yale School of Art
The Fiction Kids
A Conversation with Ni'ja Whitson (Poster)
Yale Dance Lab (Poster)
No Deep Kissing
Tunnel Vision
The New Normal
Two Left Feet
Yale Photo Pop-Up Lecture Series

Last update: September 2020